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Root Canal Treatment Stages

The root canal treatment is very sensitive and complex. It requires the intervention of a certified dentist. Thus, it is important to take time and look for a professional that is capable of performing the dental procedure well. This treatment might take either two or three-time visits to The SmileWorkx clinic in Noosa. For the success of this treatment to be achieved, the dentist is supposed to follow the root canal treatment stages systematically.


The Amity Dental Centre dentists in Albany cannot begin this treatment without trying to find out the extent of damage caused by the infection. Having a deeper insight regarding the infected parts will help in finding better means of handling the dental process. The first thing the dentist will recommend is taking an X-ray. The X-ray image will give the dentist a glimpse of the current state of the teeth and the infection.

root canal preparation


The next stage will be to fix the infected tooth. The preparation stage involves tooth anesthesia. Root canal treatment cannot be treated without the use of a local anesthetic. The pain will be uncontrollable. Anesthesia destroys the sensitivity of this tooth, making it impossible for the patient to feel any pain.

Removing the pulp

The tooth has to be dry during treatment. Thus, the dental expert will put a rubber sheet around the tooth. This sheet will hinder you from breathing in the chemicals the dental professional is using for treatment. After doing that, the expert will open the crown and start the removal process of the infected pulp. This process includes the removal of puss accumulated in the tissues.

Cleaning and filling the canalĀ dental procedures

After the total removal of the pulp infected by bacteria, the dentist will start the cleaning process. The cleaning must be done thoroughly to ensure no infected pulp is left. If any infected pulp remains, the pain will continue. While cleaning, the canal will be enlarged to create room for filling. Filling the canal is very hard because it is very small. Filling might take several hours.

Sealing and fixing the tooth

After the completion of the filling process, you will have to visit the dentist for the sealing process. However, the filling at this stage is only temporary. This seal is meant to protect the tooth from any possible infection. In case of discoloration, the dentist can whiten the tooth using chemicals.


After fixing the tooth, the crown is put to cover it. Using the crowns is mandatory because it helps in protecting the real tooth from cracking or breaking. Cracking of the real tooth will result in infection again. The dentist can reduce the size of the real tooth to fix the crown.

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