chronic daily headaches

Chronic Daily Headaches

The patients who have headaches for long at least fifteen days per month can be suffering from a chronic daily headache. Chronic daily headaches is not the specific type of the headache, rather, it’s the descriptive term which applies to different headache types, visit a specialist to be sure what type of headache you are having. The headaches which can occur on the daily or nearly on the daily basis which includes:

  • Hemicrania Continua chronic daily headaches
  • Cluster
  • Idiopathic intracranial hypotension
  • Tension-type
  • Migraine
  • A mixture of types commonly and tension and migraine

While the tension-type headaches are a most common chronic daily headache, they’re relatively tolerable and mild. The majority of chronic daily headache cases fall into two categories, which both is related to migraine. Rebound (Medication overuse headache) is the chronic daily headache caused by a patient’s use of the pain relievers. When the condition is disabling and frustrating, it’s possibly curable.

The very difficult treatment and the one which is a common type is the transformed migraine. Essentially, this is the migraine which by time becomes more frequent, confusing until there is the 24-hour-a-day nonstop background headache together with the occasional superimposed, and severe migraine symptoms. The transformed migraine headache can acts more like the chronic pain syndrome when compared to the migraine in relation to poor response to the typical migraine drugs.

It’s believed that the years of chronic and frequent migraines may cause changes in the brain or the permanent scarring, creating the type of the intractable chronic daily headache which cannot be treated. When there is no “magic bullet” for these cases, actually, many patients will be managed with different treatments to considerably reduce disability and pain. Because out of the control migraines may transform into the chronic daily headache that is very difficult to treat, it’s important to establish the good preventive procedure as early as possible before the condition goes beyond recovery.

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