Oregon’s Top Hospital per Leapfrog Group


Providence Portland Medical Center received a Top Hospital rating from the Leapfrog Group (Oct 2015). Only 2 other hospitals in the northwest received this prestigious designation:

  • Virginia Mason Hospital (Seattle, WA)
  • Madison Memorial Hospital (rural hospital category in Rexburg, ID)

Congratulations Providence, Virginia Mason and Madison!


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More rural hospitals closed in 2013 than the prior 15 years combined

Each rural hospital closure has a dramatic effect on its regional economy as well as the populations’ health. I find it amazing that Congress can allow this to occur and the President’s Affordable Care Act ignores the problem. Telehealth isn’t the the answer if there’s nobody on the ground.


Read more from Alan Morgan: Rural hospitals closing at alarming rate (National Rural Health Association)

Experts predicting telehealth growth to 50% of all healthcare transactions

KS97460smMore experts are predicting that telehealth will grow to 50% of all healthcare transactions by 2020. Provider shortages, including physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and registered nurses, will become increasingly acute. The Affordable Care Act and future legislation will continue to drive down healthcare costs. Videoconferencing capability is already standard for all computers and most smartphones. It’s a no brainer!

The only downsides are easily solved with legislation.

  • Medical malpractice reform, such as the safe harbor rules proposal, will satisfy the liability issue.
  • Medicare reimbursements are artificially restricted geographically. Quality and cost is a clear win in rural healthcare. Next step is to add depressed cities (Detroit) and regions hit by disasters (New Orleans), followed by everyone else!
  • Medicaid reimbursements: States should also welcome telemedicine for their population after the quality of care to cost ratios are a proven win.

Read more:

Oregon’s excellent rankings in U.S. News Best Hospitals 2013-14

Congratulations to the Oregon Health and Science University and Doernbecher Children’s Hospital for their national ranking in the U.S. News Best Hospitals 2013-14!

U.S. News surveyed nearly 10,000 specialists and sifted through data for approximately 5,000 hospitals to rank the best in 16 adult specialties, from cancer to urology. Death rates, patient safety, and hospital reputation were a few of the factors considered.

U.S. News surveyed 179 pediatric centers to obtain clinical data in 10 children’s specialties and asked 150 pediatric specialists in each specialty where they would send the sickest children. Eighty-seven hospitals ranked in at least one specialty.

Rank Hospitals (Adult Specialities) City Nationally Ranked Specialties High-Performing Specialties
#1 Oregon Health and Science University Portland, OR #49 in Cancer 3
#42 in Diabetes & Endocrinology
#24 in Ear, Nose & Throat
#32 in Geriatrics
#44 in Gynecology
#2 Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital Portland, OR 10
 #3  Providence Portland Medical Center  Portland, OR  7
 #3  St. Charles Medical Center  Bend, OR  7
 #5  Providence St. Vincent Medical Center  Portland, OR  5
 #5  Rogue Valley Medical Center  Medford, OR  5
#7 Legacy Emanuel Hospital Portland, OR 3
#7 PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center Springfield, OR 3
#9 Kaiser Permanente Sunnyside Clackamas, OR 2
#9 Salem Hospital Salem, OR 2
Rank Hospitals (Children’s Specialties) City Nationally Ranked Specialties
#1 Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Portland, OR #19 in Pediatrics: Cancer
#42 in Pediatrics: Cardiology & Heart Surgery
#30 in Pediatrics: Diabetes & Endocrinology
#28 in Pediatrics: Nephrology
#40 in Pediatrics: Neurology & Neurosurgery
#49 in Pediatrics: Orthopedics
#50 in Pediatrics: Pulmonology
#26 in Pediatrics: Urology

Oregonians should be proud of our state’s excellent healthcare systems.

Read More:

Cardiac Rehab app reduced E.R. visits & readmissions by 40%


Mayo Clinic developed a smartphone Cardiac Rehab app to see if it would help heart attack patients who received a stent, in their recovery. The patient uses the app to log daily measurements, such as weight, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and activity. The app also includes links to healthy living educational information.

The study only included 44 people but the results were drastic. 20% of the people using the app visited the E.R. or were readmitted. 60% of those without the app visited the E.R. or were readmitted.

Entering their data every day increases awareness and can flag potential problems, which makes the app even more valuable in a rural community or with seniors who are isolated or on fixed incomes.

Read more: Mayo Research Shows Cardiac Rehab Patients Who Use Smartphone App Recover Better

“Safe Harbor” medical malpractice reform improves Quality of Care


Not many will argue that our Medical Malpractice system is broken. “Safe harbor” rules, where the physician is protected as long as accepted clinical guidelines are followed, may not provide the protection physicians think they’re going to get. Furthermore, quality of care is likely to improve!

In an Oregon study, over 900 cases (between 2002 and 2009) were reviewed assuming the safe harbor rule was law.

  • 3 claims against physicians would have been overturned (physicians win)
  • 14 claims for physicians would have been overturned (patients win)
  • 41 claims against physicians would have never been filed, because the patient wouldn’t have been harmed, if the Physicians had followed  accepted clinical guidelines (patients really win)

41 out of 900 is a 4.5% quality improvement, for ‘simply’ following  accepted clinical guidelines!? That should get the C suite’s attention, especially in our new ACA world.

I don’t any downside here. Do you?

Read more: Malpractice Reform Could Benefit Patients More Than Doctors (Forbes, 3/17/2014)

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Telehealth is more than a rural solution

I love Telehealth! Probably because there’s a lot of rural America in our family trees. If I bought stocks (which I don’t) it would be in Telehealth. It’s a no brainer! The population is aging and retiring, increasing the demand, and decreasing the supply of quality providers. I envision private VIP networks for executives and entertainers.

But the social value is more than just rural America. Think about the advantages in cities suffering through depression and natural disasters, such as Detroit and New Orleans.

There is no ‘origin’ to Telehealth since the simplest form was two docs on the phone. Today, internet based medical interpreters are commonplace. Electronic records and digital imaging are already surpassing geographic boundaries. And our countries demographics will continue to force it’s evolution and permutation throughout our healthcare system.

Get on the bandwagon – there’s no turning back!

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